Steel Carports

We know Steel Carports

EZ Shade has been the Four Corners’ leader in providing quality modular steel carports for over 16 years. We custom design each car port for its unique location. We can handle everything from permits and concrete through installation, or we can design you a “kit” complete with installation instructions.

Finding the right carport for your property will be EZ

EZ Shade offers three basic styles of modular steel carports, each available in all our color choices. Each style can also be built in a variety of widths.  

ExSel Carports

The ExSel modular steel carports feature an angular roof line and horizontal metal, mirroring the roof line and siding pattern of most homes. Covered gable ends come standard. These deluxe carports also have wider-spaced posts–fewer posts versus our other carports–and can be built as singles or doubles.

Porta Modular Steel Carports

The Porta is our basic line of carports. They also feature the “covered wagon” roof-line, but with horizontal metal. Optional features include covered gable ends, and enclosed sides. These carports have posts every five feet. Porta carports can be built as singles or doubles.

Executive Modular Steel Carports

These carports feature the standard “covered wagon” roof line, but with vertical roof metal and horizontal wall metal–giving a more residential look than the standard Porta Carports.

Provide Protection For Your Vehicles!

EZ Shade modular steel carports are just what you need to protect your vehicles. Don’t leave them unprotected out in the cold and inclement weather any longer!


EZ Shade versus the Competition


modular steel carports
EZ Shade Carports are engineered to                   handle heavy snow loads.

inferior modular steel carports