Metal Building Color Options

Metal Building Color Options

It just makes good sense that if you invest in a good steel building to park your expensive vehicles, RVs, boats and what have you, then you also want to have a wide variety of metal building color options that will complement your existing decor, right? Well, look no further.

Barns with Metal Building Color Options

Are you contemplating adding on a new barn to house your livestock or horses? Our metal building color options give you the widest assortment to maintain that traditional look or even go more modern. You can’t go wrong with our Barn Red or even our richer-looking Brite Red. Or maybe you’d prefer having a non-commital neutral shade of Clay or Light Gray. You are in control of choosing the metal building color options that will best fit your whims and fancy.

Steel Buildings Don’t Have To Be Drab

EZ Shade metal building color options take the dull and dreary out of add-on buildings like garages, modular steel carports and metal barns. According to Wikipedia, prior to 1970, the use of colors was almost non-existent. This decade saw new advancements with the standing seam roof system being produced. It was during this time that modern coating systems for both metal roofs and walls allowed metal buildings to incorporate a variety of colors.


Actual Colors may vary slightly.

metal building color options


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The beauty of choosing between the different metal building color options is quite simple – all depending on your whims, needs and requirements for the type of use you want the building for. We’ll put you in the driver’s seat to plan your dream shop or a building to get your new car in out of the weather. EZ Shade can help you do it right.