EZ Shade Product Information

EZ Shade Product Information


EZ Shade product information for the discerning customer!

As a discerning customer who is making a worthwhile investment, you deserve to know the truth about EZ Shade product information. We don’t beat about the bush and hide information. To do so would just plain be a travesty of justice, in our opinion. So why not take a look at the framework of all our buildings and see why our quality speaks for itself.

EZ Shade Product Information Speaks of Quality Materials

In the last ten years Porta® /Grace All Steel Buildings have become a world leader in chromated, high carbon tubular frame building construction, giving years of beauty and reliability.

As seen below, the EZ Shade Porta® /Grace building in the back left is the only one left standing after a storm. All three of the competitors have fallen due to their thin walled square trusses that can’t with stand the wind. Our tubular frames take a pounding and keep on standing. Your car, RV, boat, or equipment deserve a cover that won’t fall down on them.


High-Strength Galvanized Steel Tubing Spelled Out in EZ Shade Product Information For Engineered Metal Structures

Allied’s Flo-Coat 50 galvanized steel tubing for engineered metal buildings Farmington NM is the product of choice for Porta/Grace Steel Buildings. The unique, in-line Flo-Coat process provides a triple layer of corrosion protection that stands the test of time. “The triple coated corrosion protection provided by in-line manufacturing processes has never been equaled by any competitor. This triple layer protection provides a smooth, shiny product appearance that is unmatched in terms of strength and durability by ANY product offering.”

Truss systems are single, double, triple, or quad depending on the width of your building. Any Triple or quad truss building over 36′ wide will have bolt-together trusses engineered for strength.

*Documentation and testing provided by allied TM Tubular Steel, and The Steel Tube Institute of North America.

EZ Shade Product Information Always Online

We want you to know that EZ Shade Product Information is always online for your review. Our reputation means everything to us, and we will not use inferior products to customize your metal buildings. We are accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with an A+ rating and have been since 2006. Why not drop in at our showroom and display yard at 8180 East Main in Farmington!