Sunesta Retractable Awnings

 Sunesta Retractable Patio Awnings


Now you can use and enjoy your deck or patio more than ever – when you have a beautiful EZ Shade Sunesta® Retractable Awning protecting you from the hot, bright sun and its harmful ultra-violet rays. Imagine being able to barbeque, entertain, or just plain sit outdoors and relax whenever you want. All this is possible because the Sunesta® Retractable Awning provides protection from the sun and adds an entirely new dimension to outdoor living and entertainment.


Without a doubt, the Sunesta® will give new life to your patio, deck, terrace, balcony, pool side or dock side. Choose from hundreds of fashion fabrics to achieve a distinctive and festive look for your home.


Concerned about blocking your view? Don’t worry because the Sunesta® blocks only the sun, and preserves your full uninterrupted view – thanks to our unique design and installation which totally eliminate the need for ugly confining braces and upright poles.


To extend and retract your Sunesta® Retractable Awning, simply turn a handle. Better yet, add an optional motor for the ultimate in awning operation and ease. Contact your local EZ Shade for a Free In-home measurement, design and estimate. Order your Sunesta® today so you can begin enjoying the convenience of total control over all of your outside living areas as you add shade, comfort and beauty to your home.


  • Each Awning Individually Made to Order
  • Complete Factory Production in 3 – 5 Workdays
  • Professional Factory Trained Installation and Service
  • Stainless Steel Hardware Fasteners
  • Mounting Hardware for Any Location
  • Memory Alloy High Torsion Mounting Bar
  • 78 mm Memory Alloy High Torsion Roller Tube
  • Automatic Smart Stop Gears
  • PVC Protected Dual Arm Cables
  • Heavy Duty Frame
  • 7 Projection Ranges: 3’4″-5’0″-6’8″-8’3″-10’0″-11’6″-13’0
  • Single Frame Widths up to 26 feet
  • Coupled Frame Widths up to 63 feet
  • Sunesta 100% Solution-dyed Woven Acrylic Fabric in over 150 patterns and colors
  • Electrostatic Powder Armor coated Frames in white, beige, and brown
  • One Step Precision Pitch Arm Adjustment
  • Protective Hardware Covers
  • Smart Fold Arms for narrower widths and longer projections
  • T.U.V. Tested and Certified